Truth Will Set You Free

Fair warned, be ye, says I.

My study and path have allowed me to dissect my personal belief structures (b.s. for short).  It’s not only good to dismantle and reassemble or reprogram, but also to attempt to find out why things are the way they are.   This video fills in a lot of the puzzle for me regarding religion, government and human behavior.   Consider today’s  Christian church, the offering donation is exchanged for the sacrament.  What originated as a guided mushroom experience, the masses now get a wafer and thimble of wine.

Rabbit hole warning.

Throw Away Your Glasses

+First pair of glasses: Kindergarden.
+First contact lenses (hard): 8th Grade.
+Lasik @ 35. 20/800 to 20/25 in an hour. Truly a miracle for me.
+Eye injury playing hockey caused “permanently?” dilated pupil in one eye.

I even wore what .mil calls their standard issue, “BC Glasses” and “Barney Googles” (aka big black thick glasses). BC stands for “Birth Control” btw, as in you ain’t gonna get it wearing them 😀.

But…10 years after Lasik they reverted over time. Why?

I got real relaxed one day 😎 and figured out that my eyesight was muscle related and started clearing up my vision. Then found Aldous Huxley’s book, “The Art of Seeing” (written 1942!) that confirmed my hypothesis. Had to keep it pretty much to myself because my eye doctors laughed and dismissed it outright. I called it “Eye Yoga”. Now it’s confirmed. Most eyesight issues are from not learning to use the muscles so they atrophy a bit. We tend to mimic our parents so “hereditary” plays in but not so much genetic as in trying to “learn” by watching our parents. My dad had bad eyes and squinted all the time. Guess what I did from day 1?

Your eye drs will roll their eyes when you try to discuss. But it’s true. This was about 8 years ago. Now it’s coming out. It hurts to fix your eyes just like it hurts to adapt your body to yoga or exercise. It hurts because your muscles have never been asked to perform. 9/10 eye drs will scoff due to their “education” saying it’s bogus. How can you sell glasses, contacts & Lasik if everyone knew they could heal themselves over time? It’s not a conspiracy, but it’s human nature and how belief causes blind spots in thinking, understanding & progress. It’s hard for me to do but only because I don’t put the time & effort into it. I do try to use pinhole glasses at the office which force your eyes to focus through holes and use those muscles. But you don’t even need them.

Found this video today…he even calls it “eye yoga” 😎. (also, sunglasses may not be good for ya but that’s another post). Peace.

Link to “The Art of Seeing” pdf:…/Huxley,The%20art%20of%20se…

My Last Dollar

It’s a tradition in starting up a new business that the owner frames the first dollar earned and hangs it prominently on the wall of the establishment.  It is symbolic of the hard work and investment involved it took to get the business launched and hopefully profitable.  That one dollar signifies the start and actualization of what was once a dream.  The First Dollar.  The launch pad of an idea fleshed out.

In this world of duality and binary programming, there is flip side to this experience.  I’d like to pay my respects to what I call, “The Last Dollar”.